Provenzano Announces Resignation

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McHenry County Board

Daily Herald Endorsement 2/19/16 

"Provenzano is leading the pack in terms of experience... firm, realistic grasp on challenges facing the County."

August 2, 2016

It is with excitement and sadness that I announce my intention to resign my position on the McHenry County Board. My excitement stems from an opportunity to continue to serve the public and have an even greater impact on the constituents that I will be able to help. I have been offered and have accepted a full-time position with Congressman Randy Hultgren as Deputy District Director. In my new position, I will be able to serve all the residents of the 14th Congressional District. I will be able to utilize my full experience to serve the public on a variety of federal and local issues, including Transportation Infrastructure. I make this transition with a degree of sadness, however, as it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve the residents of McHenry County and, specifically, District Three. In my nearly twelve years of bringing conservative reform to McHenry County, we have accomplished much together. Since my first day as a County Board member I have strived to be the voice of taxpayers who have demanded lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government. I have worked to be their fiscal watchdog because I understand that it is their money that government is spending. Last year I was proud to join my colleagues in cutting our tax levy by $3 million. Combined with the accumulative saving over the last several years of a frozen levy this County Government saved our taxpayers over $17 million. In additional to financial savings, I have fought to curb the size and reach of government and to ensure it is the most effective, efficient and affordable it can be. I am also proud of our success at rooting out corruption in our county and fighting for transparency and good government. Most important among these successes are the whistleblower and ethics ordinances we put in place, putting us at the forefront of transparent and ethical public service. Finally, I am proud of the progress we have made on transportation issues. In addition to improving our infrastructure throughout the county, I have led the effort to ensure transportation dollars are invested as effectively as possible. That didn’t always make me the most popular guy here, but the taxpayers deserved nothing less. I want to thank the voters of McHenry County for entrusting me with being able to serve on the County Board. I have worked tirelessly to make you proud. But I have never needed to be the guy with his name on a yard sign; I simply wanted to serve my neighbors to the best of my abilities. With this new opportunity, I will be able to serve the public in an even greater capacity, and I am excited by the possibilities. To you, my colleagues on the County Board both current and past, thank you for working with me and regardless of whether we agreed or not, you always knew where I stood on any given issue. Thank you for the lively debate. To our staff, hat’s off to some of the most professional people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with, I know, deep in your heart, that you share my concern for the well-being of the citizens of McHenry County and for that I want to thank you. I look forward to working with many of you and continuing to serve as I take on this new role! God bless you, God bless McHenry County and God bless the United States of America.

Nick Provenzano